Past Presentations

YouTube Videos

Nov 2022 -- Chancellor Ronnie Green
Oct 2022 -- Univ President Ted Carter
Sep 2022 -- “Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project”
  Dr. Margaret Jacobs, Charles Mach Professor of History, Center for Great Plains Studies Director

Apr 2022 -- “Honors Program Afterschool Programs”
  Dr. Patrice  McMahon, Univ Honors Program Director,  Amelia-Marie Altstadt,Univ Honors Program Coordinator and Student Panel
Mar 2022 -- “Steps to Reveal Climate History Beneath Antarctic Ice”
    Dr. David Harwood, Professor and Stout Chair in Stratigraphy, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences
Feb 2022 -- "Serving Military-Connected Students"
      Joe Brownell, Director for Military & Veteran Success Center, and Tom Allison, the Center’s Senior Advisor
Jan 2022 -- "Fostering a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Campus"
  Dr. Marco Barker, Vice Chancellor Diversity & Inclusion

2021 Wisherd Awards
      Alan Moeller -- Outstanding Community Service
Charlyne Berens -- Outstanding Service to UNL