Oral histories explore recent UNL history through the experiencers and recollections of retired UNL faculty, administrators, and staff.  The oral history project was launched in 2008 by the Association and contains thirty-seven videotaped interviews. Participants include Hazel Anthony, Dean College of Home Economics; Bob Fuller, Department of Physics and innovative educator; Irv Omtvedt, Vice Chancellor Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources; Paul Olson, Department of English, distinguished professor and social advocate, and many others. Learn more about the University through the challenges and events on and off campus as experienced by those who served UNL

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Agnes Adams

Hazel Anthony

Allen Blezek

James Carr

Richard Dienstbier

Franklin Eldridge

DeAnna Eversoll

Robert G. Fuller

Dale Gibbs

Jack Goebel

James Goeke

Ned Hedges

Robert Hillestad

Daniel Howard

Herbert Howe

James Kendrick

Rosalind Morris

Lowell Moser

Paul Olson

Irv Omtvedt

Howard Ottoson

Jerry Petr

Joyce Povlacs Lunde

Nelson Potter

Mary Lou Pritchard

Benjamin Rader

Kay Rockwell

Eugene Rudd

Alan T. Seagren

Weldon Sleight

William Splinter

Cecil Steward

Harriet Turner

Darrell Watts

Daniel Wheeler

Delivee Wright

Barbara Wright-Chollet