Funded in part by the Maude E. Wisherd Memorial Fund, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Emeriti Association was established in 1961 to support the critical economic needs of emeriti. As retirement resources improved, the association was free to redirect the funds to support the organization’s activities and the scholarly pursuits of its members.

In 2016, the UNL Emeriti Association amended its by-laws to extend membership and privileges to UNL retirees and persons in the community who hold emeriti standing from another institution. Now recognized as the UNL Emeriti and Retirees Association, the organization’s membership exceeds 400 members who participate in various volunteer-led programs and activities.

Currently, ERA members take part in an assortment of events during the academic year. Monthly luncheon meetings feature a speaker on diverse topics of general interest that relate to UNL. Informal Coffee House Chats and an International Issues Discussion Group are typically held monthly. Members are invited to tour UNL facilities and alerted to volunteer service and educational opportunities.

A special focus of the association is an ongoing effort to increase the principal in the ERA-endowed scholarship fund to support need-based scholarships for upper-division students. We succeeded in fully endowing the fund in 2022 – awarding the first scholarship in advance of the 2023 fall semester.

ERA maintains an updated list of benefits available to UNL retirees and emeriti. The association is active in seeking new opportunities for members and meets with the UNL administration twice yearly on topics of mutual interest.

Through its website, spring/fall newsletters, and members-only email list, ERA keeps members up to date on association programs, activities, and opportunities as well as member benefits.