Board Members

From left, top row: : Connie Boehm, Pat Crews, Larry Dlugosh, Pam Edwards, James Griesen, Kim Hachiya, Earl Hawkey, Gary Heusel;
middle row: Vicki Highstreet, Julie Johnson, Doug Jose, Rita Kean, Marjorie Kostelnik, Linda Major, Nancy Mitchell, Tom McFarland;
bottom row: Roshan Pajnigar, Alfred Stark, Don Weeks, David Wilson, Jane Zatechka

Board of Directors comprised of Officers, Directors and Standing Committee Chairs


President:Larry Dlugosh
Vice President/President-Elect: Pam Edwards
Secretary: Kim Hachiya
Treasurer: Earl Hawkey
Past President:Linda Major

Directors (Elected Board Members):

2024* Roshan Pajnigar, David Wilson
2025* Tom McFarland, Nancy Mitchell
2026* Gary Heusel, Rita Kean
*Term ends

Standing Committees


The committee oversees the annual Wisherd Awards, funded by the association.

Pat Crews and Marjorie Kostelnik (co-chairs), Bob Diffendal, Rita Kean, Jake Kirkland Jr.


The Benefits Committee advocates for the continuation and enhancement of current benefits and establishment of new ones available through UNL to Association members and all retirees.

The committee also strives to promote the identification and/or creation of additional benefits that may be available to members through associations and partnerships with UNL and the offices of state and local government.

Current benefits can be found HERE.

Roshan Pajnigar

Bylaws and Policies

Bylaws and Policies is responsible for periodically reviewing the bylaws and policies of the Association and recommending changes.  Bylaws changes are approved by the membership, policy changes by the Board.

James Griesen and Julie Johnson (co-chairs)

Campus Engagement Committee

The Campus Engagement Committee will explore and consider opportunities for Association members to provide volunteer services that enhance the student experience and provide support for University programs.

Vicki Highstreet (chair), Linda Major

Digital Communications

The Digital Communications Committee keeps track of all changes to Association programs and activities featured on the Association’s website as well as new programs and activities and communicates these to UNL for posting on the website.

Alfred Stark

Educational Activities

The Educational Activities Committee is responsible for promoting and conducting programs of interest to the Association. This includes, but is not limited to, planning tours on and off campus, maintaining a collaborative relationship with Osher Lifetime Learning Institute (OLLI), and planning/promoting other educational events. The Committee is also involved in producing and maintaining oral histories based upon extended interviews with UNL faculty, staff and administrators sharing thoughts on their experiences and time at UNL.

Nancy Mitchell



  • Maintain a database of names and addresses of Association members and the surviving spouse/partner of deceased members, including information for categorizing members in ways relevant to Association business and activities;
  • Produce electronic mailing lists requested by officers, the Board, committee  chairs and other agencies approved by the Board.

Policy for Sharing Member Information:

  1. All information in the database can be shared with the UNL Accounting Office (the original source of the information) whenever requested.
  2. Names and mailing addresses can be made available to the UN Foundation or UN President for the annual Foundation and President Emeriti luncheons.
  3. Names and mailing addresses can be made available to the UNL print shop or campus post office for Association business.
  4. All or parts of the database can be made available to Association officers, the Board and standing committee chairs.
  5. Any other use or sharing of information from the database requires approval by the Board, and if granted, shall be one-time use for the specific purpose of the request. If the Board is unavailable, approval can be given by unanimous consent of the president, vice-president, and past-president or other board members should one or more of these officers be unavailable.

Don Weeks (chair), Gary Heusel, Alfred Stark


The Programs Committee is chaired by the Vice President/President-Elect and is responsible for identifying and scheduling speakers for the monthly luncheon meetings that are held during the academic year. Committee members make all venue and food service reservations and staff the check-in table at the monthly meetings..

Pam Edwards (chair), Vicki Highstreet (co-chair), Stan Campbell, John Hibbing, Hugh McDermott, Linda Schwartzkopf, Lyda Snodgrass


The Committee has responsibility for producing materials highlighting Association activities including at least two newsletters a year, one in the spring and one in the fall, for distribution to the membership and others with an interest in Association activities. These contain information related to events, programs, members and other information of significance to the Association and it membership. Past newsletters are available under the Association Newsletters item.

Connie Boehm (chair), Charlyne Berens, Doug Jose


The Scholarships Committee oversees the administration of the Association’s scholarship program and is responsible for proposing scholarship fundraising campaigns to the Board. Following approval by the Board the Scholarships Committee implements and manages the fundraising campaigns.

Earl Hawkey and James Griesen (co-chairs)

Social Activities

The Social Activities Committee is to promote good fellowship among the emeriti and retirees of UNL. The Committee is responsible for scheduling coffee house chats, holiday events, and other social activities.

Jane Zatechka and James Griesen (co-chairs)